A swiss dark drum & bass and breakcore label
Our latest releases [XRU005 - Xuei Ruff - DH117] and [XRU006 - Xuei Ruff - Whisper]  are now available!
XRU Recordings is a swiss indie label focused on dark drum&bass and industrial breakcore. It is a sub-label of Ruff-Tang Productions, was started in 2006 and is owned by the artist Xuei Ruff. All the records are only available in digital format (no physical releases). For more infos: Discogs
You can listen / buy all of our releases here: Bandcamp - Beatport - Spotify - SoundCloud - Youtube
Xuei Ruff is the manager of the label. He’s a producer of dark music, designer and DJ (producer of the podcasts “Ruff-Tang Show” and “Du Silence Au Bruit”).
The Ruff-Tang show is a monthly podcast produced by Xuei Ruff. One hour of mixed dark music (drum&bass, breakcore, noise, industrial…) every two weeks, available on MixCloud.
DJ mixes / Podcasts
The Ruff-Tang Show is a podcast mixed by Xuei Ruff (drum & bass, breakcore, industrial, noise). One new mix every two weeks.
Du Silence Au Bruit is a podcast mixed by Xuei Ruff (electronica, electro, idm). One new mix every two weeks.
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